Ruth Reyer

Multifunctional designer/developer based on the East Coast — creating worldwide.

Geometric illustraton of triangle with eye in center

Visual Design & Branding

Award-winning modern design that begins with the fundamentals of tradition.

Golden ratio illustration

App & Website Design

User-focused and responsive, crafted to create an effective and resonating experience.

Geometric illustration of butterfly transformation

Front-end Development

Full-process programming from wireframing to launch.


Designer for the 2019 relaunch of Slimvoice, a modern and lightweight invoicing app.

Cofounder of MuttHub, an organization that helps local shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Gained national attention with featured work in Bloomberg.

Has earned a reputation for developing successful brand growth through strategic planning and targeting, strong visual design, and intentional experiences.



  • American Advertising Awards Silver
  • AIVA Communicator Awards Silver & Gold
  • AIVA W3 Awards Silver
  • PRSA Summit Awards Silver


  • American Advertising Awards Silver & Gold
  • AIVA International Davey Awards Silver & Gold


  • AIVA International Davey Awards Silver × 4
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